Professional Training

We offer two different training modes: "on request" training or planned workout.
-"ON REQUEST" TRAINING: on customer request it is possible to support the driver with a  training sessions of one hour or more for the learning of a circuit in the days before the race weekend.
-PLANNED WORKOUT: it is a real program of training sessions to approach to the new season or for the preparation of some races, fully customized according to the needs of the driver. The programmed exercise consists of several phases: the approach of the simulator, accommodation arrangement,improve the car settings, long run, further improvement of the car setting and the achievement of the best performance.
Moreover, thanks to the presence of a dedicated engineer, the driver can have the services of radio communication between himself and the engineer, real-time telemetry and data analysis at the end of session to refine his driving style and to get ready for competitions.
Some of our clients are Stefano d'Aste, third place in Yokohama Driver's Trophy WTCC 2012, Mario Cordoni, ranked first in the class of GTS3 in GT Sprint International Series and second in the overall standings, Matteo Torta pilot European F3 Open and Daniele Cazzaniga, Viola Formula Racing driver for the Formula Renault 2.0 category.
An added value of the center FTC is the well-established partnership with Driver Program of Forlì: the purpose is to ensure the "athlete-driver" added value in order to be more competitive through the implementation of a program focused on mental work.
Prices and times:
Receive on appointment, depending on the availability of training rounds, for pricing information please contact us by e-mail .