Formula Training Center

FTC Formula Training Center is dedicated to the training of drivers involved in the various categories of motor sport. The FTC center has three modern driving simulators. We offer different typology of training and psychophysical  maintenance, essential component  for the success of the driver.


FORMULA SIMULATOR: dedicated to the training of GP2, GP3, Formula 3 and Formula Renault classes. The simulator reproduces the passenger compartment of a formula car and is equipped with a steering wheel with multi-function display connected to a "body-engine" capable of generating a dynamic behavior as a function of the roughness of the track and an adjustable resistance to rotation. The pedals have hardness settable up to 80 kg. The driving position is fully adjustable by electronic controls and the driver's seat is subject to vibrations and dynamic jolts.


GT SIMULATOR: this simulator is dedicated to the training of Tourism, GT and Prototypes categories. The technical characteristics are similar to those of Formula simulator but adapted to a driving position that mimics the interior of a "cover-wheels" car. Moreover the simulator is equipped with a optional hand brake  usable in Rally car simulations.


KART SIMULATOR: it is a real innovation in the field of simulation, it is built on a "Easy Kart 60" base  in collaboration with Birel of Lissone, a karting leader industry. It's reserved for children up to 12 years old and it's presented as a tool for spreading the passion for karting among small fans. The simulator plays an initiation of riding the kart and provides the rudiments of driving techniques in order to face the track with greater confidence and awareness.

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